The Lava Way

Lava was started as a vision by Alex Roienko in 2011, when he was seeking a new taste of artisan jewelry that involved stones and custom styles that would make their wrists and necklaces stand out amongst masses of other jewelry styles that appear standard and traditional.

When Alex discovered that there were no jewelers offering the unique look that he was seeking, he found inspiration to build "Lava", a new-wave trend of gemstone admirers that combine their love for art, style, and 'vogue' in their new daily habits of what they wear.

He started in 2012 by creating his first collection of hand-made pieces crafted by himself, arranged uniquely of lava stone's and amethyst's. This collection was aired online to a limited community of followers in a small jewelry group on social media and it was an instant hit; the pieces sold within hours.

In Lava, fans found a loving for the outside-the-box creativity behind mixing stones and design patterns. From finding your birthstone piece, to connecting with the origin of the stones, the extraordinarily grand and stunning craft of Lava makes up for what you felt was 'missing' in your closet.

Recognized internationally and with clients from over 200 countries, Lava's international look and experience provides memorable taste to everything you wear and catches the eyes of those around you, making them wonder, "where did they get that piece?"