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Welcome to Lava Jewelry, where passion meets innovation, and each piece tells a story of individuality and style. Founded in 2011 by Alex Roienko, Lava Jewelry was born from a desire to create jewelry that's different from the rest.

Inspired by a personal quest for unique artisanal jewelry, Alex set out to redefine gemstone adornments. In 2012, he launched his first collection, handcrafted with lava stones and amethysts. Shared within a close-knit community on social media, the collection was an instant hit.

Today, Lava Jewelry is known for its original designs and exquisite use of gemstones. Our curated selection offers high-quality pieces crafted to cater to ever-changing fashion trends worldwide. From luxurious quality pieces to a wide variety of natural stones, our offerings aim to inspire.

At Lava Jewelry, we believe in the power of self-expression and personal style. Our mission is to provide beautiful jewelry that lets you showcase your individuality. With a focus on originality and the transformative energy of crystals, each piece is crafted to resonate with emotions of confidence, creativity, and uniqueness.

Join us on a journey of self-discovery and style expression. Explore our collections, embrace your uniqueness, and let Lava Jewelry be the canvas for your personal style evolution. Welcome to a world where every piece is extraordinary. Welcome to Lava Jewelry.

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